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Java has been the common thread through our career, building stand-alone real-time applications or complex micro-service architectures. We constantly deliver quality software matching all our clients' requirements.


You want an app? We can do this for you! With experience in both iOS and Android, we create apps for the two most popular mobile operating systems.


You need your own spot on the web or a web application for internal usage? Let us worry about the technical details.


Do you already apply the Scrum principles? Or you are eager to start using them? As certified Scrum Master with an in-depth technical background and several years of experience as Scrum Master leading different teams, we can help you.

Hello, we are Code Breakers

No, we don't really break your code! What we actually do is take your requirements and develop clean, user-friendly and transparent code.

Code Breakers was founded by Jan Pannecoeck. He started his IT career in 2008 and after a few stops at the IT departments of KBC and De Persgroep, it became clear that he wanted to launch his own company. So in 2016, Code Breakers was born. He is a firm believer in common sense to deliver extraordinary results. Jan is married to Lien Van den Broeck (she does marketing stuff at thereasonwhy.be) and lives in Dendermonde. In his free time he enjoys running and spending time with his 3 cats. Fun facts: Jan participated (and finished!) the 100 km of the Dodentocht and he is a member of the beer club of Dendermonde.

Interested in working for Code Breakers as a freelancer or an employee? Send your cv and we will contact you if there is an interesting opportunity

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