Code Breakers is looking for an Agile consultant (Scrum Master/agile coach)

Your role
As an agile consultant, you’ll help our clients in implementing the agile way of working at their company. Skills we are looking for:
  • You have experience with working in a Scrum or agile environment and you are passionate about this.
  • You’ll most likely end up in an IT department, so you know how to talk to developers.
  • Since one of the principles behind the Agile manifesto is about technical excellence, as a Scrum Master you know a thing or two about how to help the team strive towards it. You don’t need to be an development expert but you have a few tricks up your sleeve to help the team.
  • You speak Dutch/French and English.
We’re not just looking for experience (in our point of view, you can learn this), we really want a good match. So is team spirit a top priority for you? Are you willing to go the extra mile to keep your customer happy? Can we count on you delivering your timesheets to us on time? Do you greet all your colleagues with a smile and a “How's it going?”, from the cleaning lady up to the CEO? Will you remember to throw away your own used coffee pad? That’s the spirit we want!

Your package

Joining our team means a company car, laptop, smartphone, hospitalization and group insurance from our end. Code Breakers is all about training and development. That's why we encourage you to follow trainings and attend conferences to learn about and develop the skills you’re interested in. Naturally the package includes a competitive salary too. Work-life balance is important to us, which also means we take care of 20 days of paid leave, supplemented with 12 WTR days. But most of all, we offer you an environment in which you can fully develop your agile potential.

We believe in fun after work and in creating a close-knit team, even though we are all working as consultants. So prepare for team meetings on Friday after work (on a sunny terrace with a beer in hand when possible), hosting BBQs in the summer and arranging Christmas markets in the winter. So we haven’t put you off just yet? Even better, you’re actually pretty interested? If that’s the case, send us your CV at and tell us exactly why you want to work for us. We promise to call you within a week to get acquainted. If all goes well, we'll invite you over for an interview.

You like the job description, but prefer working as a freelancer? No problem. Just contact us and we’ll see if there is a click!